The story I refused to change

Morgan's eyesA little while ago I wrote a blog post about a story I’d written, entitled “Sometimes it’s OK to say no“. The editor of the magazine I submitted to asked me to make a number of changes.

To cut a long story short, I decided to ‘pass’ on the opportunity and the editor subsequently rejected the story – something of a ‘chicken and egg’ scenario, but never mind. Since then; the magazine contacted me again to inform me that the editor in question no longer had a position with the magazine and that this person’s views on my story did not necessarily reflect the views of the editorial committee. Although the season was now full for that edition, I was encouraged to submit again.

I confess to gaining a certain nefarious satisfaction out of all of this. A very short time later I was advised that the magazine in question folded before it got off the ground. That saddened me a little; I thought it was a great idea but maybe my experience with the editors was one part of the reason. I guess I’ll never know.

Anyway, the story has been published. You’ll find ‘Supertech’ here

By the way, the Morgan Selwood in the story is the same lady who, at a much later stage in her career, stars in my novel ‘Morgan’s Choice‘, which has become a best-seller on the Omnilit site.

See my science fiction page for more details.


About Greta van der Rol

I'm an author of fast-paced, action-adventure novels, mainly space opera - although I've been known to write in other genres. I live not far from the coast in Queensland, Australia and enjoy photography and cooking when I'm not bent over the computer. I have a degree in history and a background in building information systems, both of which go a long way toward helping me in my writing endeavours.

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